Sunday School

Sunday School


Sunday School classes meet each Sunday at 9. Adults use a textbook that covers a particular book in the Bible, and each quarter we begin a new book. Each week the teacher guides the class through one lesson from the current textbook, so you can jump in at any point. There are two Sunday School classes for Men, two Co-ed classes, and three Women’s classes. Class size varies; some have 6-8 and others 30-40. Pick the class that makes you most comfortable. Classes meet in various areas of the campus, with a class on ramp level for those who cannot use stairs. 


Younger children (K – 5th grade) attend Sunday School classes that are divided by grade.  Boys and girls are in seperate classes.


Youth (6th – 12th grade) attend either the Junior High or Senior High School class.

College/Young Adult

There is a Co-ed class for young adults