Make the Most of Your (Sunday) Worship

Make the Most of Your (Sunday) Worship

God is the greatest Being, and He is holy. We are created by God, and we are unholy. Christ came to deliver us from our sin and restore us to our original, created, foundational purpose – the worship of our God and Father. While we as believers worship through lifestyle and in personal settings, the gathering of the redeemed for the purpose of worship is earth’s shadow of heaven’s glory. Sunday morning sets the spiritual tone for the week!

And yet we struggle to prioritize it, attend it, participate in it, and not be ready to leave as soon as we begin it. If you feel your Sunday morning worship is lacking, here are some very practical steps to make the most of your Sunday worship.

  • Get enough sleep Saturday night. Let Friday night be your late night. Schedule your Saturday evening so that you are well rested (6-8 hours) and ready to experience and receive all the Lord has for you Sunday morning.
  • Set your alarm to allow plenty of time to wake up, get ready, get the kids ready, and arrive at church –WITHOUT BEING RUSHED. Running late wears us down physically, emotionally, and worse – spiritually distracts us.
  • Now set your alarm 20 minutes earlier than you previously planned in the 2nd bullet point. Spend a few moments in the Word and praying for the service, all who will attend, all who will serve, and for the Lord to speak to your heart. If your heart is ready to worship, you will notice the difference!
  • When you arrive on campus, go out of your way to cheerfully greet and welcome everyone you see. We have no idea what others have been through the past week or how hectic their morning has been. A friendly, gracious word will go a long way to uplift their worship and yours. When you finish your conversation, say a quick prayer for them.
  • During the worship: Sing every song – whether or not it’s your preferred style. Pay attention to the words and make them your prayer. Pray for God to move during each prayer time. Open your Bible and take notes during the sermon. Be ready and receptive to hear from the Lord.
  • When it comes time to respond – earnestly pray for those sitting beside you. And if God is speaking to you – MOVE. Do what He’s calling you to do.

Come expecting – leave rejoicing. Make the most of your Sunday worship!

Weekly reflection:

 What’s the next step in your walk with the Lord? What’s keeping you from taking it? What do you need to do to move forward with Christ?

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