Incline my Heart to Your Testimonies

Incline my Heart to Your Testimonies

January Treasure Verse Meditation

Incline my heart to Your testimonies, and not to selfish gain! 

Psalm 119:36

The only way to turn our heart from its natural inward bent is for the gracious hand of God to bend our hearts upward rather than inward. The more we expose our hearts to God’s Word, the more He inclines our hearts to Him. We don’t need more selfish gain; we need more of God in His Word! A testimony is an autobiographical account. In other words, when we come to the Scripture, God’s written revelation, it’s as if God is telling us, “Look at me. See what I’ve done. Know who I am!” That’s a lot better, more satisfying view than self!!

We are all called to serve. How are you serving the Lord and HIs Kingdom?

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