Average Worship 2009-2014

Average Attendance 2009-2014

Over the past five years, Grassy Pond Baptist Church has been blessed with gradual growth in worship attendance. 

Important Church Considerations

  • Increase worship space to allow for continued growth with one church service
  • Improve access for persons with limited mobility, including more restrooms
  • Ease transition between Sunday School classes and sanctuary
  • Provide defined, inviting entrances for visitors and have a place to meet and greet
  • Update locations of church offices, library, and choir rooms to better meet the needs of our congregation

Foyer Mockup

When will construction begin?

The exact date will depend on how quickly we can raise the funds. Our church voted not to borrow more than $2,000,000. The total cost of the building project is expected to be $4,800,000. Therefore, we will need to ensure that we have $2,800,000 on hand to begin construction. Prior to construction, the architect will be instructed to complete the design phase of the project in order to provide documents that will be used for the solicitation of construction bids, and plan approval and permitting by the county building code official.

What are the plans for financing?

Once the Capital Stewardship Campaign reaches the goal of $2,800,000, the church will then borrow no more than $2,000,000 from the lending bank. It is imperative to point out that our existing yearly budget can support a payable note of this size.