Why do I need to complete a Lord’s Acre Plan card?

The Lord’s Acre Plan card assists our Finance and Building committees in planning for the next steps of the project. It allows us to predict the performance of the stewardship campaign by estimating what gifts we will receive in time. It is important for church members to prayerfully consider making a 3 year commitment to the campaign in order for our planning to be effective. However, if you are unable to commit to long term giving, then you may mark that you will give as you are able. Making a long term commitment is not mandatory. We want you to give as you are able, and if you are led to make a commitment, then doing so allows us to plan ahead.

Why are names required on the Lord’s Acre Plan cards?

Names are requested on the Lord’s Acre Plan cards in order to prevent duplicate or hoax cards from being counted. Once the commitments are totaled, the cards will be shredded and disposed of. No record of your commitment will be kept by the church. Your commitment is between you and the Lord. The committee will exercise the utmost level of confidentiality in reading and counting the commitments that you make. The Lord’s Acre Plan card is a tool to be used by the Capital Stewardship and Finance committees to forecast the performance of our Building Fund, allowing planning and preparation to continue while the funds are being raised.

Where can I learn more about the proposed building project and capital stewardship campaign?

If you have a question that is not answered in this brochure, please check the “More than Enough; God is Able” link on the church website, www.grassypond.org. Details of our building project needs and plans can be found there. Additionally, we will update the website with the progress of our capital stewardship campaign. You may also contact our pastor or any capital stewardship committee member who will be glad to answer your questions.