It is so exciting to be involved with God. Investing in Him means we always win. He doesn’t fail. His work always accomplishes its purpose. The investment we make now makes room for hundreds more to join our family and know God. People often say,

“God has used this place to change my life!”

We give so more people can have the opportunity to say the same. As our pastor has said, “We are not a perfect place or the only place; but we are a place where God is working.” We need to be faithful to giving him as much opportunity to work as possible.


Many people have discovered that they can enhance their giving by giving from resources other than cash. These gifts are commonly called “gifts of kind.”

If you have pieces of personal property that have appreciated in value and you have held them for more than a year, you may find it advantageous tax-wise to give the property, thereby giving the proceeds to the church.

For example, let’s assume you have stock that you purchased more than a year ago for $25,000 and its marketable value today is $45,000. You could give this stock as a part of the “More Than Enough . . . He Is Able” ministry. You would receive tax credit for the full $45,000 gift and avoid the capital gains tax.

“Gifts of kind” could be real estate, bonds, securities or almost any marketable and appreciated property. It should be noted that tax credit cannot exceed the actual market value of the property. It should also be noted that the church has no ready market for personal items. If the personal items are not appreciated in market value, it is better that you sell them and give the proceeds to the church.

Some of the most meaningful gifts are “gifts of kind.”


In I Chronicles 29:5, King David asked the people as they where preparing for the building of the temple, “Who is willing then to consecrate himself this day to the Lord?” Consecrate means to set aside as special. It comes from the same idea as holy. It is not normal or regular. It is not neutral or plain. It certainly is not unclean or sinful. It is higher and more pure than all of that. This is not to say that giving makes us holy. David is calling the people to step up to a holy lifestyle. Don’t live a plain and normal life. Live a higher life. Live for something special. Do something beyond what the ordinary do. David would say to us today, “Who is going to step up to the plate and do something special with their life? Do something in light of the holiness that you have been called to.” It is quite a challenge, but very accurate. God did not consider any price too high to provide a way for us to be holy so that we could know Him and spend eternal life with Him. That cost was paid with the blood of His Son, Jesus.

God’s work is great and we have an opportunity to do be a part of it. What can we do that will be as powerful as God’s work? What can we do that will be as important as God’s work? Nothing. Not one thing. Our lives without God are temporary and insignificant, but He gives us a chance to touch eternity. “Who then is willing to consecrate himself this day to the Lord?”